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Paris Autobarn Goes Solar



New page, brainstorm ideas:


Description of project


Countdown to solar


Mini “blog” to keep people updated


Pictures of the project as it gets going


Links to other solar sights, such as revision energy and the REAP grant program


Explanation and picture of Tony and Adam’s long beards (they’re growing them out until they get the solar installed, then they will shave.)


“Our new Eco-Friendly Auto Supplies retail display is complete.

Terry from Swett Signs just put up our new sign and it looks great.”

                                                                                      — Tony Giambro


We offer a wide array of eco-friendly supplies including MicroGreen extended service oil filters, 100% re-refined engine oil, Bio-based oil and ATF fluids, Eco-Absorb coconut based spill absorbent, Bio-degradable gloves (not just for auto-repair work, they’re also popular with nurses and gardeners) and a Bio-based Penetrating Lubricant, to name a few. We’ve extensively researched each product and use them ourselves.


We have plans to offer many more products in the future, so check back often. If you’d like to see a current comprehensive list of these products or learn more about them scroll down or just give us a call.


  • Green-Dex Biodegradable Gloves 
    Made in the USA. Sized extra-small to extra-large. Tear resistant, and guilt free high dexterity gloves.
  • Biodegradable motor oils  0w20, 5w20, 5w30, 5w40.
  • Biodegradable two cycle oil & bio-based bar and chain oil for the eco-conscious wood warriors.
  • Eco-Absorb & Coco-Absorb
    Coconut based absorbent for liquid spill cleanup. Soaks up more mess per pound than the standard clay absorbent.
  • Eco-Power 100% re-refined engine oil
    Our standard oil change option. In this closed loop system, we recycle the oil drained from your vehicle and these guys re-refine it and other used oil into a product that’s better than new.
  • MicroGreen Extended Service Oil Filters
    These special patented filters use advanced technology to clean debris from your oil that normal filters miss. They effectively extend the life of your oil up to 30,000 miles, while you only have to change the filter at 10,000 mile increments. We stock several options, and we can always order one we don’t, so call us today and we’ll see if we can get you a filter that fits!
  • BPL Bio-Penetrating Lubricant
    We use this grease to lubricate steering and chassis components.
  • Bio High Temp 180




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