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microGreen Filters

The Biggest Leap in Oil Filter Technology in Over 30 Years


It is rare for a product to enter into the automotive market with a technological advancement that is very easy to adopt and significantly improves performance. The microGreen® Extended Performance Oil Filter is similar to developments in spark plugs, engine coolant and other common service products. Those products used to be changed quite often, requiring maintenance several times per year.


Nevertheless, end-users desire less frequent maintenance and technology was developed to match their demands. Now spark plugs are changed at around 50,000 miles and engine coolant can be used 3 years or longer. The microGreen® filter is simple to use and makes engine oil maintenance much easier and less expensive. When the vehicle is serviced, the oil is changed and the microGreen® filter is installed. At every other oil change interval, the microGreen® filter is changed but the oil remains in the engine and is simply “topped-up” if necessary.


The microGreen® vehicle engine oil filter is based on the patented technology for the Spin-On Microfilter System® (SOMS®). Its advanced hybrid design combines 2 distinct filter elements within the confines of a conventional spin-on oil-filter. The microGreen® filter has uniquely designed internal flows and an advanced material microfilter element. The standard filter media captures the larger particles in the engine oil, while the microfilter captures particles down to 2 microns in size, keeping your oil cleaner, longer.


Premium Oil Filter Technology - The microGreen Difference


The “2 filters in 1″ design of the microGreen® filter leverages the core conventional oil filter structure that allows most of the oil to take its usual path while diverting a small portion of the oil to the top of the filter to be processed through our patented microfilter. The microfilter is seated in a specially designed chamber on the top of the full-flow oil filter media within the filter canister housing. The microfilter is made of advanced materials that offer advanced filtration efficiency yet are highly resistant to heat and pressure.


The microfilter is not designed to capture all of the oil in a single pass in order to avoid disruption of oil flow or adversely affect oil pressure. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil, the microGreen® filter achieves improvements in oil quality over time and in as little as 100 miles of driving.


The architecture of the microfilter is a porous design having a high pore volume with 2-5 micron pore openings. This enables the capture of a large amount of these small particles without clogging the filter, resulting in cleaner, longer lasting oil.


The microGreen® oil filter is a direct replacement for the OEM filter and installs and removes like a conventional filter, using premium materials and construction. It has the same specifications as a traditional spin-on oil filter – steel base plate, standard attachment threads, standard filter sizes, and internal pressure relief valve. Furthermore, the microGreen® filter utilizes the highest quality materials, including a silicone anti-drainback valve, high quality steel, and premium pleated filter media. The microGreen® oil filter is produced in North America in a world-class facility with stringent engineering, manufacturing and quality processes under ISO 16949 and ISO 14001 quality certifications for the production of engine oil filters and automotive parts.


microGreen oil filters fit a wide variety of vehicles


The microGreen spin-on oil filter fits a variety of vehicles, from small 4 cylinder engines (MG 100) to medium-duty diesel engines (MG 500).


Save on Maintenance Costs


The microGreen® filter can achieve direct oil and filter change cost savings of over 65% and reduce use of oil by 70% for an average vehicle. You can download a cost savings calculator to understand the materials and labor savings achievable using the microGreen® filter over 30,000.


The microGreen® filter improves engine maintenance by extending the use of the engine oil. Cost savings are important whether you’re weighing the options for vehicle or truck preventative maintenance for one automobile or looking to reduce fleet costs for your company or government agency. Direct cost savings from reduced use of oil and filters can be achieved by installing the microGreen® filter.


These direct savings do not take into account the decreased downtime of vehicles due to reduced maintenance time. Furthermore, engine life is directly impacted by the quality and efficiency of the oil filter. Increased capture of small particles reduces engine wear and therefore maintenance associated with wear, providing additional indirect savings potential.


Environmentally Responsible


One of the greatest costs of the short oil and filter change cycles is the impact on the environment and depletion of natural resources. It is estimated that annual US lubricating oil sales exceed 600 million gallons. Used oil and used oil filters are considered one of the highest environmental impact concerns. The EPA estimates that ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) oil changes generate in excess of 200 million gallons of used oil each year, threatening drinking water and the environment. One gallon of used oil pollutes one million gallons of water, equivalent to the water supply consumed by 50 people for one year.


It is estimated that there are over 485 million used oil filters generated in the U.S. and only half of these will be properly recycled. These filters contain residual engine oil, an environmental hazard containing toxic substances such as benzene, lead, zinc, and cadmium. Disposing these filters in household waste is almost uniformly prohibited in the US due to potential hazards to drinking water. With a recycling rate around 50%, used oil filters represent a significant environmental threat. Most states require recycling of used oil filters to reduce the overall potential environmental hazard from used oil.


The resulting environmental and cost benefits of the microGreen® filter are significant. Decreasing frequency of oil changes and filter replacements has the potential to remove a significant amount of hazardous waste from the waste stream. This can translate to savings from reduction in engine oil consumption and more efficient and proper disposal of used oil filters.


Savings – CO2 Reduction


A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the CO2 savings using the microGreen extended performance oil filter has been independently conducted, demonstrating the reduced environmental impacts when using the filter. The LCA is a methodical approach to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with a product by identifying and quantifying material and energy flows. The procedures of an LCA are defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) under the ISO 14000 environmental management standards.


The LCA included the life-cycle phases of: (1) resource extraction; (2) materials manufacture; (3) oil filter manufacture; (4) oil filter transport; (5) end of life disposition, including recycling and land-filling. Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions evaluated acquisition and production of raw materials, product manufacture, transportation of materials and finished products, product use, and end of life disposition.


Emissions reductions from using a premium microGreen oil filter:


  • Savings are 54.96 kg, or 121.19 lbs of CO2 over 30,000 miles
  • 19.79 lb CO2 per gallon of oil saved
  • 75% reduction in CO2 emissions

microGreen filters offer 55 to 104 kilograms fewer CO2 emissions over a 30,000 mile service interval than equivalent size conventional spin on filters that are changed every 3,000 or 5,000 miles, respectively. This is a reduction in CO2 of 75% to 85% by using the microGreen filter.

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